Sunday, August 4, 2013

All The Manors in the World

A few folks have asked for a one click button if they want to buy all The Manors.  Since four is a fairly good number of issues (Ivy would say it is the best number in the entirety of time and space) I have a bundle button for the print issues over at my GM Games site on the right hand column.  And I did a bundle package on RPGNow for all issues.  The PDF version has a nice price break so that you're getting one issue for free.

Print Bundle available at GM Games.
PDF Bundle available at RPGNow.

See what you've been missing!


  1. Just got Number 4 in the mail - boy, the card is beautiful!
    Oh, and now I have to think about what I can do with it... Send it as postcard, probably...

    1. Great, glad you liked it. Postcard eh? That would be cool. Never thought about that.

  2. Wait...I can buy 2 bundles of the Manor? Sweeet....