Sunday, August 25, 2013

Map Time!

The other day I was messing around with very simple maps.  Squares and squiggles. 

I think I randomly rolled he name using the Tome of Adventure Design.  I don't have anything written for the map.  When I'm watch a movie I'll randomly sketch something.  If I like enough I'll go to my programs and try to simulate what I've drawn or get out the hand legion of color of pencils and make it purdy. 

I think the idea for this one was to have a ruined underground village.  I don't think I got much further than that idea.


  1. Nice little map. I've been playing around with "non-traditional," "no-graph-paper" type maps a bit too. They have a certain appeal to me, though I couldn't say why.

    1. I think why I prefer the no grid maps is that it frees you up. Grids keep you linear and boxy. You can go monkey wild when you you've got no lines on the paper to confine you.

  2. I thought "Look at the moated, Mott and Bailey village."

    I have to say, I stick grids on things, because until some breaks my my piece of gridded, tempered glass, I want to be able to draw it quick.