Friday, August 2, 2013

July Sales for GM Games

It's been a month or two since I'd given my state of GM Games address so here is how July looked.  On July 29th Issue #4 of The Manor was released in print.  The PDF did not hit until August 1st so those numbers won't be included.  That was the only significant activity for the month.  So here are the numbers for July.

Knowledge Illuminates
RPGNow:   3
Lulu:           0
Print:           0

Manor #1
RPGNow:   0
Lulu:           1
Print:           2

Manor #2
RPGNow:   0
Lulu:           1
Print:           3

Manor #3
RPGNow:   0
Lulu:           1
Print:           3

Manor #4
RPGNow:  N/A
Lulu:           N/A
Print:           45

In addition to these I have two free products that continue to see activity on RPGNow.  Also I will include how many times Knowledge Illuminates was downloaded for free since it a a PWYW.

Cave of Seiljua - 14 (361)
Faces Without Screams - 16 (258)
Knowledge Illuminates - 15 (86)

Future projects include of course the 5th issue of The Manor.  I've already received some excellent contributions from +Chris Bard and +Sean Robson and I've completed one article so it has a good start.  The next project though that I will complete is Starter Adventures.  I plan to release this one in PDF, soft and hardcover versions using Lulu and RPGNow.  I am also working on another adventure, but that one is still in the beginning stages.  

On a separate item, +Pulp Mill Press is one month into accepting submissions.  We would like to see more stories.  The deadline for submissions is September first so if you have a great story send us a copy.  Sean Robson, our editor has really been doing an incredible job.  

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