Sunday, April 24, 2016

WiP Cover for Micro-Adventure Anthology: Possible Giveaway

I've been tinkering with assembling an anthology of my micro-adventures.  I sent away a copy an editor to clean up most of my messes.  Tonight I was trying to figure out what the cover would look like and t his is what I came up with.  Overall I like it, but I am not against hearing possible ways to improve it.  If your suggestion is used I'll send you a copy of it once I get it finalized.

Let me know what you think and if you have a suggestion let me know.  Thanks.


  1. I love the laminated cards. I can mark them up with notes, then erase and do it again. What about an envelope with a collection of the cards? You could use the book cover design for the envelope?

  2. It pretty good but...
    You need a different color scheme for the GM Games logo. It is quite dark. Perhaps GM Games with a 8 point black border around the letter instead of the black square.

    And I need my cats to stay away from my computer equipment.

  3. I would somehow contrast the title and other text more - maqybe with a white border? I find it a little hard to read in front of the nice, but distracting background.