Sunday, November 25, 2012

1.33 Rooms

Zzarchov invited me to a game where the theme was Arabian Night setting, Ray Harryhausen style.  How the hell could I refuse an offer like that?  I didn't even try.  I got to game with two new people, Shoe, played an assassin-type character and Matthew led the was with his cleric of a goddess who shall not be named.  I played Al Zabar, lucky mage not so extraordinaire.

We used Zzarchove NGR (Neoclassical Geek Revival) system.  I've been reading about it for what seems like years, have a copy of the first edition and PDF of the latest version.  It was good to see it in action.  I am used to playing in game where conflict is fairly a regularly.  In NGR it is considered a loss encounter.  From the general conversations I had with Zzarchov the point of the system is to go into the dungeon, avoid combat and get out with as much treasure as possible.

Out adventure started with going to a church we heard that had a yet unplundered basement of shiny stuff.   We questioned him for a bit.  He said 'The Manticore' lived below.  Not a manticore, but the big guy, the original.  Crap. 

We explored very little of the dungeon.  We found a room where someone had already kicked in the door.  Inside we explored and found a silver candelabra.  In addition we found a head, hand and...wait for it...his manhood in a pile near a secret door we found.  Inside was a small room with a burn silken pillow on the floor.  Each action we chose we needed to do checks to see how much suspicion we accrued.  Being a flashy dressed, not meant to be stealthy, but more for to draw attention I collected a heft amount of suspicion.   Once that happens the inhabitants of the dungeon bum rush you and leave your manhood on the floor for the next party to find.

We found another secret door into a harem room.  Ladies everywhere, but we felt something was very wrong and got out.  Before leaving we managed to grab a big fat gem and avoid some bad critters.  So we got out of the dungeon with our hides intact with a big fat gem and a silver candelabra.  Not too bad of haul.  We only explored 1.33 rooms.

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  1. I wanted to play in that, but I was out of town. I hope to get in on the next session.