Thursday, November 8, 2012

Borisville, Population One at a Time

So we combine team victory.  All men present.  Even Don.  He say he found a woman 'out of town'.  Boris never understood shiny suited people.  With no angel horn.  Travel to Hew Hazard's lab and find it under attack.  Put heart spring there because we thought it safe.  We were wrong.  Automatons there.

Don snaps.  Drive car into metal man nearly kills himself.  He say he meant to do it as he put fire out in hair.  Inside lab big tunnel.  Metal men burrowed into lab.  Smart.  Find Hew Hazard and he say heart spring gone.  Boris does not look surprised.  Hew okay, give Boris and others electric guns and two grenades.  To all those out there, to get on Boris good side, give guns, grenades or whiskey.  No need wrapping.

Into tunnel Team Victory go.  Erskine surprise us all when he speak.  Forgot he was there.  Good to have him.  Find conduit running through tunnel.  Metal men sip electricity like suckling baby.  Find transformer and blow it up.  Tell others to look away, but they say what instead of shutting eye.  Blind.

Three people come in tunnel look what happen.  Boris toss grenade.  Kill one.  Stun other two.  Boris make quick work of one with Ivanka.  Leave one alive.  Cornelius ask question.  Man get mouthy.  Boris apply crowbar.  Man more agreeable.  Boris demonstrate anatomy lesson of crowbar vs. spine.

More tunnel.  Then chanting.  Big fight.  Metal men and the Master and big swirling thing.  Boris send metal men to Borisville.  A place many visit, but few return.  Shooting evrywhere.  Erskin and Cornelius and Don and Boris light up tunnel with electrical fire and the smoke from gunpowder.  Make Boris homesick.

In the end the Master had many sided cube.  Boris shoot out of hand.  Don take disintegration rod away from Master and destroy many sided cube.  Team Victory walk out of tunnel.  This when Boris realize, guy who pay us is one who started this.  Probably no pay.  His brain going bad.  Hew happy it over.  He pay us.  Boris happy.  Go buy more bullets and whiskey.  Maybe buy new gun.  Name it after mother, Dominika.


  1. Always nice to see Boris's take on events.

  2. Always love Boris' special view of things; " get on Boris good side, give guns, grenades or whiskey. No need wrapping."
    Great stuff, thanks for sharing.