Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Game Session : The Raid

Last night we continued our game where our band of mercenaries were hired on to quell a Scanadian (think Vikings) population that was infringing upon Nomar (think King Arthur) territories.  We were assigned to start raiding Scanadian manors along the border.  Kill the lords, free the slaves.  Simple.

We armed our battle wagon with a heavy arbalist (think turret on top) supplied with lots of oil and planned our attack.  After our actor/thief/con/intelligence gather did his initial survey.  He and I went in first to position ourselves near the keep in case any riders tried to report the manor had been attacked.  There are dozens of other manors in the area and reinforcement could be gotten fairly fast.

The main group came up the road, poised as entertainers.  They would hide their intentions for as long as possible before attacking.

The manor house was manned by a Scanadian family.  Two warriors and two sons of fighting age.  The fight was over fairly quick.  They weren't expecting the attack and were outnumbered.  I had to ride down one of the sons that tried to run for it.  He and the women we spared, but kept prisoner.  There was a short debate on whether to let them go, but we couldn't chance allowing them to alert the others yet.  We'll let them know on our own terms.

We looted the manor.  Spoke to the reeve of the village of slaves and gave them half of the loot and a couple carts and oxen.  We escorted them to our base where they will decide were to go and set up.

Next week we go on a series of lightning raids along the northern border of the Scandian homeland.  We will try to take out a handful then burn them to the ground letting them know their time on this land is short.


  1. Sounds like a great session!

  2. A little looting on a Monday night is always a good thing.

  3. The raid was a success, despite being dogged by light rain on the way home.