Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tried to Draw a Graph and Drew a Map Instead

I've been seeing all these emails on Kickstarter projects progress and Tenkar taking them to task.  So I've done a little soul searching (not really) and thought I would give you the progress of the way too long Manor #3.  What I've done is a complete analysis of what will be included then extrapolated the amount estimate of the total and guesstimate the remained.  While this is probably a calculable outcome I have no way of knowing.   Ahem.  Anyways.

I've seen graphs to demonstrate the amount of work done so I thought I would draw my own graph.  And since I am a gamer I have LOTS of graph paper.  But then I got distracted and started drawing house maps.  So I'll type it here.

Introduction: 0% cause I write this last.
Maps: 100% a full color village map of Heimfell.  Hmm, well maybe only 94% cause I want to maybe add that map of the house I drew instead of doing a graph.
Background: 100% done.  Finito.  Completo.  Dorito.
Features:  see Background but add an Endo.
ART: Let me be completely serious here.  Sholtis came up with, shall I say, AWESOME, idea for the covers.  Issues #3 and #4 will be related.  It will rock so hard I hurt my leg.  Inside is a mash of clipart.  Why?  Cause its a lot of little stuff.  I may give it go myself and try to draw a rope.  I'm not going to bother the kickass OSR artists dudes for rope.  I can draw it my self.  Really.  Okay, it may be stickman rope.

Village Entries: The meat of the issue.  There will be 81 buildings in Heimfell.  Each one has their own separate entry.  How the hell are you going to do that Tim with such a limited space?  Good question from the bald fat guy wearing Spock ears.  I have no idea.  I've eliminated the use of 3 font, but may need to use 4.5 font.  I'll get them in there don't you worry.  Entries will vary.  Some focus on the building, some on the residence, and some on the history.  Each one building will have something the GM can use to run with.  Of the 81 entries I have 24 done. And the gentleman that asked the question corrected me, they are not Spock ears, but genuine hobbit ears from the Return of the King set.

 Alrighty then.

As an aside I am using all you bloggers out there as fodder for material.  There will be several Easter Eggs sprinkled in through the entries.  Some will be obvious and some I may be the only one who gets it.  But its helped with keeping it fun.

Sample Entry: 

6. Telecanter Inn

The inn is named after its famous owner, Telecanter.  During market days the inn is filled with visiting vendors.  Other days it houses visitors to the temple or guests of the lord.  Hillson, a half-dwarf oversees the daily operation.  He once bore the torch for several of Telecanter’s adventures and is now his most trusted companion.  He is in charge of a staff of six.  Prices are avarage, but the food and rooms are above average. 
     Hillson hasn’t seen his master for over a year.  When people inquire about his whereabouts Hillson has five excuses he uses.  He writes them down how many times he used that excuse to make sure he doesn’t use it too often.  Telecanter was on an expedition when he was trapped in the shadow realm.  He sometimes appears at the inn as a silhouette which has started rumors that the inn is haunted.  Some people come just to see ‘The Shadow Man’.


  1. I know that building! I think I attacked it with my German troops in my first game of Squad Leader.

    Looking forward to the Manor 3!