Monday, November 5, 2012

The Re-Relaunch of Knowledge Illuminates in Print

The final, final copy of Knowledge Illuminates is done.  With the art provided by Dylan Hartwell it has never looked better.  I plan on sending out new copies to those of you who have already ordered.  You can do a side-by-side comparison and see what you think.

The front and back covers. 

There are some changes that have been made beyond the art.  I've gone through and did another edit.  I hope I got all the weird mistakes I made.  If not I'm sure someone will let me know.  I listen to what people tell me and if they find a goof I immediately go to my manuscript and fix it.  While I can't resend all issues sold (except for this once) I can fix it for future folks.  I also tried to clean up the layout.  There were some spacing issues and I resolved as many of them as I could, but there were a few I couldn't and just had to let be.

Another thing I changed is with the new art it pushed my text to the point I needed to add another page.  Well, in zine world your page count is counted in 4s.  The previous version had 28 pages, this one has 32 pages.  So what did I do with the other additional 3 pages?  I did a room-by-room checklist of things the players could do to gain experience points.  I do this for most of my homebrews.  That way at the end of the game when you have your players clamoring for their xp total you can add the marked off checklist.  No remembering required.

So if you wish to get a print copy, please click this link, Knowledge Illuminates.

The new PDF will take a little longer because I'm not good at transferring my Publisher file into a PDF file.  It wants to show them in booklet form instead of a single page scroll down.  I think I know how to solve it, but I won't get to it for another day or two.  I'll send out a mass email to those who have purchased a PDF copy and let you know when the updated file is ready.

To those of you who have been interested in getting a PDF copy, get it now while its still only a buck.  I looked at my RPGNow account and like 52 of you have in your cart and wishlist.  That sale price will be over by this weekend.


  1. Awesome. I like that you list XP by room. I tried something similar with my last game.

  2. just ordered my print copy (I have the original pdf already) - looking forward to dropping this into my current game.