Friday, November 30, 2012

Shelf-by-Shelf Extravaganza

It's ironic that I had planned to do a shelf-by-shelf photo extravaganza of my game shelf last weekend then everyone one started doing it.  Ivy and I changed the living room around and I got it a bit more organized and wanted to take a few snap shots of it.  I finally got around to doing just that.  I have most of my gaming stuff on a single shelf.  A good size one, but it all fits and with a little lubricant can fit more stuff in there.  The only two books not currently on the shelf were my S&W Complete Rules and ASE 2-3 cause I just got it and was reading it.

While not as impressive as some collector's I think it represents my gaming history fairly well.  I'll be going through the shelves top left to bottom left and then right top to bottom right.

Pathfinder to the left of me Hackmaster to my right.  The purple box is a Brave Halfling Box of the purple worm and it contains my Crawls, Loviatars, WMLPs and an issue of Delve! inside.  It's getting pretty full so I may need to get another or find a better way to store them.  I've only played Pathfinder once, but really love the books.  The only Adventure Path I have is the King Maker.  HackMaster is such a blast to read, but wow, very aggravating to make a character.  HackMaster basic I haven't tried to play yet.  The Hacklopedia is an amazing looking book.

My oldest shelf.  Those AD&D books and the modules and Judge's Guilds were pretty much bought as they were printed back in the 70s and 80s.  Then I have D&D 3.0, but never got the 3.5 edition rules.  We played 3.0 a couple of times, but it never caught on with us.  And then all the way to the right my still very new, very lightly used 4th edition books.  I only addition core book I purchased was the 2nd Dungeon Master book.  And that was when Borders was still alive and handing out 30% coupons.

The box set shelf.  I think the oldest box set I have is Shadow World.  The T&T on top of it has a bunch of adventure signed by Ken St. Andre and a mixture of other T&T things I've gotten through the years.  Thieves' World is one of the box sets I've always wanted and finally gotten.  In the center are the Wizard's Compendium volumes 1-4.  I searched high and low for these bad boys.  I like the idea of spells being treasure or a precious commodity.  The other books on the inside are my graph paper Piccadilly books and sketch books.

On the left are books a reference quite a bit.  When I run or develop an adventure I like to have that tough of realism in it.  To the right are manuscripts I've worked on.  In the middle is the S&W White Box from BHP and my bulging Muchkin Box.

These binder are FULL of PDFs I've purchased.  I was burning up the bandwidth over at RPGNow when I first discovered it.  On top is the vinyl mat for gaming.  It still pretty new since I rarely get to use it.  And then beneath the mat is different size art pads for my maps.

More reference material.  But also this is the tallest bookshelf I have so my tallest books go here.  The Strange Stories and Amazing Facts books was the very first book I ever got.  I believe I got it when I was five.  I still look in it today and find stuff I missed.  So much cool stuff in there.

This is my main OSR shelves.  I believe C&C was the first retro clone I got interested in and then it went from there.

Another one of my old shelves.  My Pendragon and Citybook collection live here.  And a mixture of Slayer Guides, Harn, WoD and Role Aids.  This is the shelf I want to 'complete'.  I eventually want to get the Pendragons I am missing and Citybook 6.

The first of my two GURPS shelves.  The binders are full of PDFs.  My group got involved in GURPS just before 2nd edition started.

Final shelf is the rest of my GURPS collection.  Personally speaking I think GURPS has the best overall gaming supplements.  HARN is up there, but GURPS is more my level and cover ay more areas.

Hope I didn't bore you too much from my Game Shelf tour.


  1. Nice one, Tim - very organised!



  2. Nice! I should post some of my gaming shelf... and piles, and stacks, hehe.

  3. Hey, I too have "Strange Stories, Amazing Facts" and the "Tao of Jeet Kune Do"! I see you have the Encyclopedia of Mysterious Places. I have the DICTIONARY of IMAGINARY Places! Have you ever read that? If not, I'd highly recommend trying to get your hands on a copy! Overall, an impressive collection of gaming goodness!

  4. A really nice collection you've got there. :0). Might have to do something similar with my collection when / if, I ever get it that well organised. ;0).

  5. Monty Thanks. It gets to be a mess once I start working on something. After the recent rearranging I was able to get it organized again.

    Johnathan Yup, I showed you mine you have to show me yours now.

    Rusty Yeah it is!

    Anthony I don't believe I have the dictionary. I'll have to check it out.

    Dylan Dead Reign needed an editor. Badly. I liked some of the concepts, but the layout and redundancy of information made it tough to digest.

    Tom Thanks. Just start taking pictures. Pile them in a corner.

  6. That is one impressive collection.