Tuesday, November 6, 2012

PDF Version of Knowledge Illuminates is Available

Just a quick note.  I got the file converted into a readable PDF.  The PDF comes in at 28 pages because the maps and front and back covers are included.  If you've already have a copy of the old one I believe I sent out an email letting everyone know its been updated.

If I had a camera I would take pictures of the print version laying on my desk, but I ain't got one...right now.  I think we will be bringing home a digital camera this afternoon.

Those of you who have ordered the print version I'll be sending out new ones today.  With the last of my creepy butterflies.  I'm going to check a place or two for more.  They cannot all be gone.  Can they?

Anyway, if you would like please pick up a copy of the PDF for Knowledge Illuminates at RPGNow.


  1. I didn't get an email about the new PDF edition.

  2. I did get the update in the mail today.