Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm a Big Fricking Dork

Hey, I'm a big fricking dork.  Dylan from Digital Orc and I had a conversation a few weeks ago about him doing the art work for the Knowledge Illuminates Redux.  He jumped on board and was glad to help out.  I forgot.  The one night I was working on doing the layout I had already did the framework for and used some artwork I'd purchased on RPGNow.  So I released it forgetting Dylan was doing the art.  So I am stopping the presses!

Here's what's going to happen.  Dylan is finishing some of the pieces I am putting a halt on pushing out more copies.  You can still purchase them they'll just get shipped out once Dylan and I get all the stuff done.  To those of you who have already purchased a copy I'll be sending out the new version gratis.  Or as they said in a Deadwood episode, "Free fucking gratis".

Why?  We've already established I'm a big fricking dork.  Two, the art is very cool and I want those who shelled out the dough to get the best version.  Three, cause it was what I intended to do in the first place but I forgot.  Which brings us back around to the first reason again.  

Here is a sample of what Dylan and his beers have been working on.  I love the pics.

 Now you see why I want to wait!

However, Knowledge Illuminates will still be on sale and I'll ship out orders from this time forward when we get it all together again.  Thanks to everyone who has already ordered (as I said abive you'll get another copy) and to those who plan on ordering in the future.


  1. Well, I just got my copy and haven't time to do more than look at the maps which were cool. I will be going through it and writing up a review.

  2. That would be great Jason. The maps were done by Rob Conley. He doesn't have it in him to make a bad map. Hope you enjoy the adventure, but its going to be a lot better with Dylan's art.

  3. I haven't gotten my copy yet, but I will be pleased to have it twice, with differing artwork.

  4. You handled it as well as one could expect, Tim. I look forward to either or both copies and if I end with two will pay it forward somehow.

  5. Good thing I was waiting until next week's payday anyway. . .

    Looking forward to it.