Thursday, November 1, 2012

Leave the Cat, Grab the Horn

Boris does not like apartment building with invisible membrane.  Makes nervous might not get out.  Cornelius and Boris try to find information about building, but find little.  Ask neighbors, onemention a meteor storm a month back.  That it, guess we go in with crowbar and chair.

Superintendent of building, Bookman, still nursing the bottle of Old Panther Boris give him.  A little disappointed.  He seem like a man who can handle booze.  Bookman just drunk.  

Check basement and see monster.  It move around invisible world.  Boris retreat and scavenge chemicals out of closet in case Ivanka's charms fail to impress.

Move to 1st floor.  Dead man's apartment had tins of food all over.  Find cat. Cornelius have way with cat.  Keep cat.  Cat may know when monster comes.

Next meet women.  Boris likes the ladies, but on business.  No time for Boris to play.  Man with big hair next door with spellbook try to sacrifice us.  We decide not to.  Cornelius out Boris, Boris.  Pin old man to the ground with gun in face.  Make Boris laugh.

Get attacked by Golliwog dolls.  Lots of them.  Ivanka shreds dolls.  Boris know this will cause nightmare later.

Find jazz man.  Find horn.  We take horn.  Seemed to expect.

Still can't leave.  Door held shut.  Cornelius blows horn and passes out.  Windows break, door opens, Boris pick up horn and Cornelius, but leave cat.

Mingus there.  Says horn no good.  Angels come for it.  Boris not like Mingus.  Boris not like Mingus even a little.  He tells us things we need to destroy.  Boris just wants to hit Mingus in head with horn.


  1. Ah Boris! You are a pleasure.

  2. yes, we enjoy Boris' unique viewpoint very much!