Sunday, July 20, 2014

MA #7 Gargoyle Lair and Something About Farts

Here's my latest creation, MA #7 Gargoyle Lair.  It goes with my first micro-sandbox Misanthrope Islands (you'll find the reference to it in the description of 3. Choracha Island),  but can be played on its own.  You can head to my Patreon page and download them.  I'm excited that I'm up to eighteen patrons and have nearly reached my third goal.  It's fun.  And it helps me pay for my addiction, gaming books.

The next adventure is also mention in the Misanthrope Islands, 7. Risco's Hideaway, Temple of Selig.  I've got the map done and ready to go.

One of the brain farts I had was I never gave the GM a player's map without numbers and little silhouettes.  Well I smelled the cheese, discover I dealt it and I am now remedying that oversight.  I'll add another bulk package, like I did before for the maps without background, for the past adventure maps without numbers. 

Pizza's done.  Sherlock is cued on Netflix.  Gotta go!

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