Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mini Mail Call

Lookie, lookie what came in the mail.  I got these three for a very good deal.  First off the Pathfinder decks.  I already have the Critical Hit deck and the Plot Twist Cards, Flashbacks so I needed to get these to complete the set.  While we don't play Pathfinder we use the two critical decks and used their chase card deck one.  That was fun.  Unexpected and fun. 

Fear itself is a GUMSHOE addition to Esoterrorists.  I am really enjoying reading through this and it has been inspiring me to try out a different genre and system.  So I have some reading to do for the holiday weekend. 

I guess tomorrow the Starter Set is out.  Amazon won't send mine out until the 15th.  If I happen upon in a store I'll probably buy it then.  If not, I'll wait.  Either way I am hoping I like it.