Sunday, July 13, 2014

My First Micro-Sandbox is Live

I seem to always complete these at the end of the day.  But it's done.  Misanthrope Islands is in the books as my first micro-sandbox.  I'll have two micro-adventure that will accompany it.  They'll be completed later this month.  But this really has given me a lot of ideas. 

You can grab a copy over on my Patreon page for free.  I offer all the work I do for Patreon free to the public.  So grab a copy if you like. 

I took suggestions and +Tim Knight wanted some islands.  So I got my colored pencils out and made a map.  This is a nasty place for higher level characters.  I kinda went with a stone giant/earth type creatures for this one.

Anyway, enjoy and whatever you do, don't fail your save.


  1. That is the same size as a Traveller sub-sector map. I love that size.

  2. I think that I'm going to plop this one down in the Middle Sea world somewhere, probably near the Wild Coast or perhaps further off in the Western Ocean.

  3. Misanthrope Islands, huh? It's always a bad sign when the land itself hates you.