Saturday, July 5, 2014

Micro Adventure #6: Getting a Dungeon Crawl On

All my previous efforts have been outside adventure sites.  The ones I have planned for the immediate future are also outside.  I'm planning on doing a series of islands, and some villages are cued up.  But for this one I decided to go for the classic linear lines of a dungeon crawl.  Or in this case, a crypt crawl.  I'm hoping to finish it by tomorrow.  I'll be free to download on my Patreon page.  I've got five micro adventures up so far.  Please go check them out.  And if you end up using one, let me know how it went.

I'm off to the bookstore.  For an expensive coffee.  I hardly ever drink coffee at home, never at work, but mark it up 700% and squirt in some caramel and I'm there.


  1. Replies
    1. Oh, and enjoy the coffee!

    2. Thanks Chris. I did enjoy my coffee. Probably too much.

  2. Looking good. Can't wait to add it to my folder of 'useful micro-adventures'