Thursday, July 3, 2014

Major Mail Call

I mentioned back in June that I didn't participate in Free RPG Day.  Out of the blogosphere came +Brutorz Bill, (Green Skeleton Gaming Guild) he said he had a few things he had to share.....

Yeah he did.  Holy crap.

I haven't ready Elric since I was a young man with lots of hair.  Things have changed since then, but I'll bet it reads just as good now. 

The last two years of LotFP.  Something tells me these are going to destroy my campaign.

Some comic books.  Reign in Hell, sounds very interesting.

And finally, The World of Synnibarr and Monsters of the Endless Dark.  I've heard of Synnibarr, but don't know anything about it.  And a monster manual...oh yeah.

Fantastic mail day...I got something from Matt Jackson also, but want to give it its own space.

I huge thanks to +Brutorz Bill for making my weekend with his generosity.


  1. That copy of synnibarr is sweet! Laser bears and fire breathing flying clams. Good stuff.

    1. It does indeed have fire breathing flying clams! : )

  2. I hope you enjoy them! Have a great 4th!

    1. Thanks again Bill. My 4th will be filled with gaming goodness thanks to you.