Sunday, July 13, 2014


While I was writing up my 7th micro-adventure, a series of islands that the party can explore, something happened along the way.  I wrote, and as a jammed up the first page with words, another half page was filled also.  This was way too long for a micro-adventure.  I looked over what I wrote and the map and realized, that's because it's not an adventure, it's a micro-sandbox!

But if its gonna be a sandbox, it's gonna need some hexes.  I didn't know how to do that.  So I did what nearly everyone does these days and Googled it.  I found a add on for to make hexes.  All you have to do is DL it and put it in the effects folder.  And BAM!  As you can see above, I got some hexes on my map.  You can alter and change the hexes.  Excellent addition.

So my next Patreon offering will be a micro-sandbox and within the sandbox I am placing two micro-adventures within.  And I am really excited that I now have 15 patrons.  Once in a while I've been sending out the laminated adventures.

On the back of the maps are the area descriptions.  So if you need to run an adventure, a couple of minutes of reading and you'll be all set.  I think with the micro-setting I'll be offering something different.  I'll have to see.

Anyway, back to work.  These maps won't describe themselves.


  1. Hey Tim,
    Got your maps in the mail yesterday! Very cool and thanks! I wasn't expecting anything! : )

  2. I too was a recipient of a GM games delivery yesterday. Good stuff, man.

  3. Me too, thanks Tim!

    I dig the silhouettes (ship, squid) on the map. Really nice touch.