Monday, July 28, 2014

Mail Call! Again! This is Getting to be a Lot!

Kickstarter alert.  Completed. 

+Frog God Games, The Lost City of Barakus has arrived.  I went in for the hardback and one of the player's guides.  The delivery date for this was August 2014.  They got it in early.  Well done. 
There was an option to buy additional books from FGG for a reduced rate and I saw the Tome of Horrors 4 was listed and grabbed a copy.  Can someone have too many monster manuals?  I'm finding out. 

Game night tonight.  +Rob Conley is running a 5e game.  We are short a player or two.  If your interested and not a dickhead, we do Google Hangout, just chat and use Roll20.  We start at 6:30pm and play until 9:30pm, give or take a few cracked skulls.

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