Sunday, June 21, 2009

Free RPG Day and the Great Stuff I Got.

Even the pounding rain could not keep me away from the gaming store. The big fat "Free RPG Day" sign pulled me in like a siren's call. This year there were a lot more rain soaked gamers than last year. Books Galore took advantage of the day and had mad sales for books and gaming stuff. I bellied up to the bar to peruse the goodies. The clerk told me I could choose two. After several interruptions and other people wanting to see the freebies I selected the Castle & Crusades, A Primer and A Song of Fire and Ice, Quick-Start Rules. And like I stated in my other post, I brought my wife along and had her get me the elven looking dice, a d10 and d12. As I was checking out I asked the clerk about the commemorative dice. He smiled and said, "Someone's done their homework." And handed me one of those cool six siders.

Oh, but I am not done. No, no, no. I raided their shelves and scored the 5th edition of Pendragon, a game I have never played, but absolutely love the books and the feel of the game. I also bought Tournaments, Fairs & Taverns by Mystic Eye Games, I've had my eye on that one the past few weeks and now I had a valid excuse, one women have been using for years, it was on sale. And lastly, I got Goblins from the GURPS line. It was one of the few books I don't have and it has been a good addition to the GURPS shelf.

Books Galore had rearranged their front room some and guess what? They made more room for gaming stuff. Halla-fricking-lulu. It was interesting to see all the different gamers in the store buying a wide range of systems and supplements. It was good to see people being excited about gaming and trying out all the new stuff they got that day. So in my part of the world I proclaim Free RPG Day a success. You know what made it even better? I beat Rob to the Pendragon book.

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