Friday, June 19, 2009

Free RPG Tomorrow

A call to all the gamers to check out which stores are supporting Free RPG Day and get out there in force. Grab a few freebies,meet a few gamers, and start up a game. It's always good to expand the gaming goodie shelf even if it is about to burst. Here is a list of the participants:

Chessex Manufacturing, they are putting out commemorative dice. Check out the cool dice these guys make.

Claymore Entertainment is putting out a Hero's Bane quickstart.

Exile Game Studios is offering a Hollow Earth Expedition Adventure.

Fantasy Flight Games is presenting a Rogue Trader Adventure.

Goodman Games is donating two items, Hero's Handbook and Amethyst: Hearts of Chaos.

Lone Wolf Development donated a Hero's Lab demo with unique files.

Mongoose Publishing is the champion of giveaway by offering three items, The Troubleshooter Reference Manual, Introduction to Dragon Warriors and Grab the Cache.

Q-Workshop built unique dice.

Paizo Publishing contributed a Pathfinder Bonus Bestiary.

Troll Lord Games has a Castle & Crusades quickstart adventure.

White Wolf Publishing has a Geist quickstart.

And finally Wizards of the Coast presents Khyber's Harvest, a 4E Eberron Adventure and a tile bundle.

I'm not sure how each store allows you to choose. My store allows two items per person so it's going to be a tough choice for me. There is a ton of good stuff being offered. And don't forget to thank your gaming store for participating in Free RPG Day. Let them know you appreciate them supporting your gaming habit. Even better support them by buying a few new releases being offered and grab a few from the used bin. The only way we are going to get the gaming stores to support us is if we support them.

*bows, steps off soapbox, exits stage left*

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