Monday, June 15, 2009

Random Ramblings #3

Over the weekend Rob and I did a day road trip and hit a few gaming stores. Rob was pushing his new Points of Light II and one of the stores already had copies on the shelf. We talked to the one game store owner and he used the first Points of Light as part of his campaign. He liked it a lot and already bought the second PoL.

My big purchases over the weekend were the Castle & Crusades Books and two more very large d20s. I have four now. Rob is afraid of my dice. He should be. Anyways, I've been tinkering with the idea of buying C&C so I finally broke down and bought it. (Hint, hint Troll Lord Games, how about that Castle Keeper Guide. We wouldn't want you to pull a Temple of Elemental Evil on us now would you?) I think Rob and I will use C&C to play test the current project he's working on.

Dwayne continues to run his campaign and Torrin of the Red Hand, the Paladin, is still figuring things out. Last week I went toe-to-toe with a demon champion and won. It was a good fight. Because I beat the champion I think we bought some time for the villagers. Now our concern is for the other villages out there. The demon 'queen' person mentioned other places so now we are looking for them. I got my first magic item, a +1 shield that only weights one pound. In GURPS that's huge.

I really liked the Gladiator book I bought a few weeks back. I plan on doing a review for it. Although if I never see the word 'Whilst' it will be too soon. It made me want to club baby gnomes.

I've made absolutely no progress on my project. Blame it partially on the nice weather, work, and the release of new maps for Call of Duty : World at War. I swear a lot when I play. Can you say Japanese zombies? Don't worry if you can't just bring your shotgun.

I enjoyed doing the Deck of Many Things blog entry. It's great to look through the tarot cards and getting inspired. I have about eight different decks. I plan on doing a few more cards. I'm looking at the ones I did and I'm not liking the Wheel so much. Oh well, that can't all be gems.

Finally, don't forget about Free RPG Day this Saturday, June 20th. Make sure you thank the gaming store for participating and pick up a copy of Points of Light II. It's the best edited product on the shelves.

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