Friday, June 12, 2009

Free RPG Day

This time last year I return to the gaming community. Rob Conley got me involved in a few products he was working on, 4th edition of D&D was ready to hit the shelves and the 1st issue of Fight On! had been released. There was a lot of buzz and excitement going on. Then on a Saturday I visited a used book store I like to visit and one of the few stores (if not the only) that sold RPGs. Outside the bookstore was this weird sign, Free RPG Day. What the hell was that? I went inside and asked. The clerk explained that if I came in the next week they were giving away free RPG products. Holy shit, I love free stuff. I love gaming stuff. I penned in a visit for next Saturday.

The next Saturday I pulled up to the book store and expected a crowd, but there wasn't one. I thought maybe it got cancelled. I went inside and the clerk said nope it was still going on and I was welcome to choose 2 things. Hmm. There were so many to choose from. Then the clerk told me if I bought a membership I could choose 3 things. Okay, ya got me. Sign me up. I selected Iron Heroes, Bloodwood, Revenge of the Kolbold King by Pathfinder and then Field of Daises from Harnworld. Every single one of these was excellent. And my favorite, Field of Daises I thought was exceptional. (The first two are still free PDFs. Field of Daises is now $16.99. yowch.)

Using my gamer's keen strategic mind I sent my wife inside to select two more things. I carefully described which ones I wanted and scored two more freebies. This time I felt generous and got some dungeon tiles for Rob in case he didn't make it up for Free RPG Day. Then I thought of Rob, man, if he made it up here he had a wife and two kids. Good god he could score eight things. Later I found out he did not use his family for freebies. Rookie mistake.

But, I was not done. I came up with another plan. I waited for the shift change. Bam, four more. I rule. I nearly got one of everything except the miniature and dice. Got another tile set for Rob. I also bought a handful of other supplements they had for sale. It was nice to see a change on my gaming bookshelf. It had remained unchanged for years. With the influx of new items it got me excited about gaming again. I was impressed with the quality of every item.

Next Saturday Free RPG Day returns. It looks like there are 12 participants. I was interested to see what Flying Buffalo was going to put out, but instead they pulled out. Most look to be quick start adventures. The forerunners of favorites look to be the Troll Lord and Pazio offering.

This simple little thing, this Free RPG Day, is really what sparked me into buying new gaming items, exploring different systems and hell I even gave 4th edition D&D a go. I've been pumping a lot of money into the gaming community since then. I hope everyone out there has a participating store nearby to take advantage of the offerings. Support your gaming store. Let them know that 45 copies of Stephen King's The Stand on the shelves is fine, but to make a little room for few RPG adventures.

And before I sign off this blog I want to give my thanks to Books Galore in Erie, PA for participating in Free RPG Day. I'll see you next Saturday. I'll be the guy with the fake mustache, the dark sunglasses, the wife and two fake kids.

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  1. Please, please remind us when Free RPG Day is upon that we can all run down to our local game stores and stock up!