Sunday, April 4, 2010

3-4 Dungeon Rooms

3. Doors of Darkness
A rusted iron spike is propping open the left door of the double doors. These doors are covered in the same white limestone, but most of the limestone has broken off and lies in piles on the floor. Most of the hellstone beneath is exposed. Beyond the door is darkness. Natural light does not penetrate it. If a magical light source is used they players will see an empty room (see room 4.)

4. The Pool in the Pit
There is a Hallucinatory Terrain spell cast in this room. The illusion of the floor hides the pool beneath. There is a 10’ drop before the 50’ deep pool begins. The water is ice cold. A character must make a save vs. paralyze or he will take 1d6-1 points of damage/round.

At the bottom of the pool are several dozen skeletons. Only the magical items have survived the years within the frigid water. The list of intact items includes a suit of +2 chainmail, a belt of +1 strength, a cloak of +1 protection, two +1 swords and the Sword of Berringer (see new Magic Item section) rings of Haste and Magic Missile (see new Magic Item section), and a total of 1400sp and 210gp.

To the west a section of the room is platform with large tapestries covering the walls. The tapestries are tattered and faded. They are faded images depict horrific images of tortured spirits. If a player stands before these tapestries for an extended period of time a save vs. fear must be made. If the player fails the images in the tapestries begin to move. For each player that fails his save a wraith will be created from the tapestries.

If a player tries to burn or cut the tapestries the images will shriek alerting everyone from room 5 to room 12. The tapestries can only be destroyed by holy water (which acts like fire).

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