Monday, April 19, 2010

One Page Dungeon Contest Winners

Alex has announced the top twenty and I am fortunate to squeeze on to that list. Although I find it kinda funny that most won in a Most of category. More precisely, Most Hideouts for the Head Bad Guy. Thanks to the judges who selected mine. Here is a list of the winning entries.

Adam Thorton - Central New Jersey after the "Big Whoops" won for Best Post Apocalyptic Goodness. And it could have easily won for the best title and best rumor table.

Antti Hulkkonene - Den of Villainy won for Best Pirates. This has a fun layout and map.

Chris Gonzales - The Tunnels of Turrack the Terrible won Best Sounds Effects. Not sure if I understand this Best of. It's a very cool random generated dungeon that can be reused making it different every time.

Clarabelle Chong - Time for Tea won Best Victorian Sci-Fi. Also the longest down loading dungeon. This one has got a great look, like an antique newsletter.

Crowin Riddle - City of Traitors won for Best Lost City. He should also win for best name. The map and layout are professional looking and a balls to the wall adventure.

Craig Brasco - The Vault of Zerduzan won for Best Evil Cultist Hangout. This adventure reminds me most of the first adventure modules I used to go through.

Heron Prior - Trolls will be Trolls won for Best Lair. Its got a giant two-headed troll in the first room. Enough said.

Herwin Wielink - The Crypt of Laun Phien won Best Architectural Design. This one has got a great theme. I just hope you don't get dizzy.

Jimm Johnson and Jeff Lynk - The Contemptible Cube of Quazer won Craziest Map. This award is well earned and I would love to see someone do a 3d version of it.

Lord Kilgore - Heart of Darkness won best mini campaign. Anyone inspired by Joseph Conrad is tops with me. Well done.

Paul Siegel - Four Corners won best fitness center. Imagine a bunch of little gnome Goldberg's running around.

Peter A. Mullen - Labratory of the Asmodean Techno-Mage won Snazziest was to Push the Envelope. I really do love this picture. It's almost like one of those 'find the objects' from the Highlight magazines.

Rob Antonishen - Mine! Not Yours? won Best Mine Crawl. My favorite line is "If the battle is not going well, the kracken will escape through an underwater tunnel into the ocean." What? The kracken is having a bad fight what kind of characters are fighting this thing?

Shane Mangus - Raid on Black Goat Wood won Best Cthulhu. Love the name Black Goat Wood. HP gives this one a two tentacles up.

Simon Bull - The Ruination of Tenamen won Best Monsters. I really like this adventure and plan on using it in the near future.

Stuart Robertson - Dungeon from a Distant Star won Best Mix of Genres. I am not a fan of spaceships and fantasy mixing, but this is good. And he uses flumphs. I'm sold.

Me - Where is Margesh Blackblood won Most Hideout for the Head Bad Guy. Also known as the longest stretch of a category. Ha. I am glad someone didn't create a five layer hideout or I wouldn't have been included.

Tom Holmes - The Bone Harvest Horror won Best Cartography. This one absolutely earned this award by far. Well done.

There are a few that were left off I really liked to I will create my own categories.

James D. Jarvis - Gas-N-Die wins Best Random Encounter Table. Listen to this line up, Mutant Bikers, Cannibals, Rabid Coyote, Carnivorous Cactus, Radioactive Alley Cat and a Road Runner. I would play this one just to get a random encounter.

Dennis Carter - Order of the White Wick wins Most Rooms Denoted by Letters. I like this adventure. Its one of those that reminds me of a 1st edition AD&D module.

Jens Thuresson - Tomb of Orcus wins Best Map that Tells a Story. No words given. No words needed to run this one.

Lee Barber - The Embowled Coffin of the Tutelar Fiend wins Best Introduction to an Adventure. If this blurb was on a back of an adventure module I'd buy it.

Michael K. Tumey - Necromancers Crypt wins Coolest Map. I'm surprised this one did not get in the top 20. There isn't much in the way of description, just room labels, but the map is wow.

Really, all of them are very good and have different merits. I tend to favor the fantasy oriented ones while others like a mixture of genres or more sci-fi. Either way they are for anyone to use. Here is a link to a PDF Collection of the Winners.

And a huge thank you to all the judges and sponsers of the One Page Dungeon Contest. It has been fun. At the bottom line that's what this crazy hobby we indulge in is all about.


  1. Congrats on the win!

    So, this isn't the right place, but I can't find an email address or contact form for you anywhere. Awhile ago, you wrote a really great and thorough review of one of my free products, Tavern Tables. I'd like to send you a free download link to my latest product, the Treasure Hoard Generator Pack, if you're interested in reviewing it. Just send me an email and let me know.

  2. Oops, forgot to include my email. It's swordgleam /at/ chaoticshiny \dot\ com.

  3. Hah, I agree. Mutant Bikers = win! :)

  4. Michael K. Tumey, here - thanks for the vote of confidence on my map. I enjoyed doing it. As for lack of description the OPDC rules did allow for an off-map URL to provide those details, so that's what I did.

    I actually created most of a mini adventure detailing all the rooms but the last three. I got busy doing commissions and a publication project I'm working on and didn't finish.

    But there are almost walls of text, new monsters, trap descriptions, etc. on the URL.

    Its located in the bottom right corner of the map.


  5. And here I thought my "Tomb of Orcus" went by unnoticed...! :)