Friday, April 23, 2010

How Do You Know When You Need A Break?

Been very busy at work, doing all these reports for the state and I just caught two sections where I wrote about 'Random Encounters'. Wow, I need a gaming break. Maybe the state will appreciate a few orc patrols or goblin shamans. But probably not.


  1. :(
    --Hang in there, Tim. :)

    WV: Quest
    --I kid you not. :D

  2. If they start calling out the National Guard to repulse ogre war parties, start worrying ;)

  3. Wow I would like to see the context of that writing to see how you worked it in.

  4. Well there's a 2 in 12 chance of encountering a city work crew on your way to the office every day.

    Maybe he's writing about forestry service field work?