Saturday, April 10, 2010


Prepare to be jealous. Unless you have one of these already. I found this little treasure in the bargin trough at Borders last night, Whack a Zombie: You Can't Keep a Good Zombie Down. No words were truer. Inside this little box is a 5" inflatable punching bag zombie (the kind with the sand in the bottom) and a fact book about zombies. And this is what started this blog.

Here are ten signs that you might be a zombi.

The ladies from Disney love zombies too:

If you spot any zombies please report them to the center.

One of the best combinations in the world Star Wars and Zombies.

Here is an automatic crossbow to take out that zombie horde in your backyard.

There were so many great zombie songs to choose from, but this one is the best.

Well this one is pretty funny too.

Here are some famous zombies you may recognize.

And if you are hungry you can always snack on some Gingerbread Zombies. They're Yum-ooo. Hmm sometimes don't you wish Rachel Raye was a Zombie? Or is she? Hmmm.

Cafepress has so many awesome t-shirts that I want to order a new wardrobe.

And I'll leave you this the wikipedia of Zombie survival...just in case.

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  1. Ha! The whack-a-zombie is a hoot. I need to get one of those and set it up in my office. Nothing better for stress relief than whacking a few zombies.