Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Collection of General Bullshit and Some Good Stuff

Tome of Adventure
First off, I saw a video of ze bullette looking through a copy of The Tomb of Adventure.  Did it ship?  I've been waiting by the post box for the past few days accusing the mailmen and one suspect looking mailwoman of stealing my book.  After being escorted out by gunpoint and told never to return I was wondering if I should chance a midnight raid to see if it arrived.

Other Left Column of Purchases
Other recent purchases have placed me precariously close to the edge of dropping over the $1000 spending on game stuff for the year.  I have only a few weeks left.  I'm wondering what product will tempt me enough to take the plunge.  With Oubliette 7 and the Gamemastering book I got for free I have a lot to read.  Then I bought Legend from Mongoose for a buck.  I thought I would see what it was. 

Start Adventures
Things are progressing slowly, but work is being done.  I am increasing my bugging of Rob for maps.  I still have to give him the big map for the tavern.  We are going to work it out so there will be a map included of the tavern that can be printed out to use with miniatures.  Then I'll fire off copies to readers to do some proofing because I can never ever catch all the typos.

Map Eating Dogs
They remain alive.  Though many of you seem to be on their side, justifying their deliberately desecration of a Manor artifact.  Because of my situation at the post office and some other minor indiscretions has an unmarked dark blue impala police car across the street watching my every move.  And if I wasn't mistaken, late last night I think I saw the glint of a sniper scope in a tree within the woods.

Game Night
The players have just encountered something...big.  Can't wait to see how it plays out.

Modern Warfare 3
Got my kill ratio up to a 1.06.  At least I am on the positive.  When I first play I think it was at .65.  I always sucken muchen at first.  But now asses are starting to get kicked and names aren't be taken because once I kill you I don't care.  Muhahaha.  The system. the 360 (not those sissy PS3 blue ray players Lurker).  The gamer tag: Gothridge.

I think the latest Loviatar is the best.  I really love Christian's editorials.  The real gem in issue 5 is the starting hex.  It is very cool.  Fun.  And if you are still being a lazy arse and haven't gotten Loviatar go get it now.  I'll wait.  

The Happy Whisk
She says hi to everyone.  Lunch is at noon.  She is roasting a chicken with onions and potatoes.  

I've been watching this show called Being Human.  A British show about a vampire, werewolf and ghost.  It's been pretty good so far.  It has some funny parts in it.  I'm a little confused about the ghost stuff though, in the first episode she was talking a lot to the pizza delivery guy and took out the trash and people saw her, but now normal humans are unable to see her.  The mythologies around the werewolf are standard fare.  The vampire mythology got rid of anything that would make filming difficult.  He can eat, can be in the daylight, and apparently his hands are always cold because he's always wearing gloves with the fingers cut off.

Well time to get going.  Have a great Saturday.  "Be seeing you."

Oh Crap, One More Thing
I just saw Joseph Browning just turned 40 and doesn't look a day over 45.  He's putting a ton of his items at Expeditious Retreat Press for $1.  I'm headed there now.  Could this be causes me to go over the edge?


  1. I too, have been put on edge by ze bulette's video.

    You know, Matt Finch has a new module out that will take you over the 1k mark. :) There's a Lulu 20% coupon code DECBOOKS11 and another code good for free Ground Shipping SLEIGHRIDES which might save more money and get you faster shipping, to boot!

    Hey to Whisk. Consider sparing the dogs.

  2. Thanks for the ERP news!

    And let tne dog live. 'Tis the season, fa la la la etc.

  3. Chef James: Hey, hey, hey now. I'm not the one sending the pup overseas to be someone's meal. That would be Tim. Thank you very much. :-)

  4. My copy of Tome of Adventure arrived about 20 minutes ago. I'll see if Feltothraxis can get around to doing a video impression of it. He's been silent for a bit ;)

    By the way, cleaned out my old desk last nite and found Volume I, Issue 1 of Christian's old Scrollworks fanzine. I'm beginning to feel very old ;)

  5. Tim: I kind of like the UK Being Human, too. I have not seen any of the American re-makes on SyFy, though. I am glad that you liked the recent Loviatar. :)

    Erik: Whoa! I think you and I are the only people on the planet with a copy of that. Heh.

  6. Many thanks for the Oubliette mention. Hope it proves an enjoyable read.