Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Monster of Monsters

The other day I asked a question on Google+ if anyone had used the Tarrasque in their game.  Most had, one even said it was a playable class which boggles the mind and sounds fun as hell.  Recently in my campaign the players were exploring one thing and ended up seeing the Tarrasque free itself from hibernation.  They're not sure what to think of it other than not to get in its way at this point.  I know what I am doing with it and how to use it, but I was thinking of different ways such a creature could be used in a campaign.

First, it is a force of nature, destroying everything in its path.  It eats and sleeps.  It's only purpose is to eat and sleep.  There is no grand scheme to its actions other than that.

Second, it is a force of nature that does have a purpose.  When things get unbalanced, because we all know nature is neutral and loves balance, this big boy comes out to play to set the scales equal.

Third, a god pet.  Release the Kracken kind of thing.

Fourth, a prehistoric god itself who has outlived all its followers and now seen only as a abomination.

And I am sure there are a billion other back stories you could give this big boy.  I'm still working on the mythology for mine.  I've got most of it figured out, but still looking for some tasty bits.  So if you have any Tarasque stores and feel like sharing please do.  I want to peek at your ideas and maybe steal some ideas.

At least I am an honest thief.


  1. If I ever used a tarrasque, it would be a dungeon itself -- a dormant/semi-petrified creature, it's mouth the entrance. Mess tihngs up too badly inside the dungeon and you may awaken it.

  2. @Tim (unrelated to current post). Wanted to stop by and say thanks for the guidance towards self-publication (I finally published my first module) and wanted to ask, when can we expect the next "One Shot Adventure"?

  3. Mike > That sounds like a great idea. I like it.

    Trey > Just got home heading over there now.

    Digital Orc > Fantastic! I hope whatever I said helped. I'm fairly new to game publishing, old fart when if comes to fiction. Right after Starter Adventures is finished I have a One-Shot in the can pretty much ready to go. Thanks for asking.

  4. OK. Looking forward to running the second one shot!

  5. Tim,

    I received two cryptic emails from you this evening, which were somewhat suspicious in their vagueness.

    If these were valid, I'm afraid I'm drawing a complete blank and you'll have to provide more info. The messages came from a zoominternet account.

    Congratulations on taking your blog back. Unless, she's just set you up as the puppet ruler. :)