Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Knowledge Illuminates Sale, Sales

Please move along if you have no interest in this, but I like to do sales updates.  Since I put Knowledge Illuminates for sale on the 24th of November I've sold 10 more.  That puts the total sold to 97.  Out of 97, 14 were comp copies and 83 were sold.  That brings my gross total to $291 and my net is $189.15.  So though it didn't get near the total I spent for the year it certainly had fun exploring with it.  When I have that credit at RPGNow I am more likely to take a chance on a product and pick up things I would like to see.  Which I did a lot this year.

I want to thank those ten who took advantage of the sale and hope you enjoy the adventure. If you end up using it let me know how it went.

Well that's all for a Tuesday night.  I'll be doing a game summary of last nights game. They discovered the big bad secret.