Monday, August 17, 2015

Saved My Monday

My mailbox is my friend most of the time.  I enjoy going there when I know I've got a little something waiting for me. Today I wasn't expecting anything.  I had a few items I needed to mail out.  When I opened my post box I was very surprised and very happy.  +matt jackson and +Christian Walker saved my Monday.  Both sent me one-page zines.  They are good and fun to get. 

This is the 4th installment of Christian's the tolling of the great black bell.  Love that name.  Bonus points if you can identify where it comes from.  I'll give you a abstract hint...walnut.  muhaha  Go check out Christian's site, he does a video for each one.  He cracks me up when he says "Thanks for the Googles". 

Matt Jackson, inspired by Mr. Walker, has created The Ten Foot Pole.  His first offering features The Molted Branch.  It is very, very good. 

I plan on grabbing an empty binder to put keep track of these one page gems. 

Then I got more dice....I know, I know.  But these were gold and gold and ivory and if I'm gonna play a new game I need new dice?  Right?  Guys?  Back me on this one.  

1 comment:

  1. Definitely. New game, new dice. Always.
    I've been loving my "great black bell" entries and can't wait to see what Mat has put out. week=new dice, right?