Monday, August 10, 2015

Micro Adventures Join Now!

I had my beautiful assistant finish the cutting and cropping duties.  Now they are ready to go.  I've updated all the addresses and added the new ones. 

Join Now! 
I should have a jagged bubble around that.  If you join my Micro-Adventures Patreon at the $2.50 or higher level now, you'll get the Crypt of Sir Reginald and Echo Patrol as a thank you for joining.

What You Get!
  • Each month I complete 2 to 4 micro-adventures.  These consist of a map drawn by me, mostly colored hand drawn maps.  And a very short adventure to plug into your game where ever you see fit.  Because of their micro size they won't take up a ton of space in your campaign world and east to work in.  I also write micro-locations and sandboxes.
  • At the $2.50 level you get all the laminated 4" x 6" card adventures and the laminated 5.5" x 8" half sheet adventures.  As seen above.  
  • At the $5 level you receive the laminated adventures and the zine sized adventures.  These are not laminated.  
  • In addition to these, when I release an adventure on-line, you'll get the PDF version for free.
  • At the $10 level I am still working out.  You'll get all the above and a couple other benfits I am working out.
Thanks to all my supporters.  I hope you'll get your adventures before the weekend.  

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