Thursday, August 6, 2015

Breathing in the Fumes to Make a Better Gaming World for You

Here's a stack of micro-adventures on the verge of been coated in hot plastic.  Hmmm, smells so good.  Everyone in my Patreon at the $2.50 and above level will get both these adventures.  Even the new dudes who just joined.  I like to do that as a thanks for contributing to my little adventure madness.

This month I completed two micro-adventures, Crypt of Sir Reginald and Echo Patrol.  The Crypt of Sir Reginald is the top layer of a micro-mega dungeon.  That's right, an oxymoron.  I have two other levels mapped and the second level almost done.  And Echo Patrol was my very first sci-fi micro-adventure.  It was fun to do.  It help unjam my creative funk by going outside what I normally do.

After I get done laminating and I slur my words, don't worry, it's just from the poisonous plastic fumes I breath (yes I inhale) to make a better product for you.