Tuesday, August 25, 2015

30 Second Magic Items

At lunchtime I asked for folks to take 30-seconds to create a new magic item, this is what I got so far.  Please add you own if you feel so inspired.  I trick is keep it to a short time and write with thinking about the logic of it.

So here is the one I came up with:

Mogger Bearing:  A simple metal ball and the end of a stick.  While it looks like a simple mace it sucks as a weapon, but is actually a part of a larger instrument.  Spinning this on the ground will tell you which direct you need to go.

+Tim Snider 
Pathfinder's Arrow: This is a simple wooden arrow with a small hole through the center of the shaft. The arrow needs to be threaded and hung on a string so it can swing freely. If the name of a location, object, or person is said aloud, the arrow will pivot to point in that direction. If said object is above/below, the arrow will slowly rotate.

Morgan's Laugh Fae:  This set of fake teeth is activated by a secret phrase (Merlin's Beard!) and automatically starts telling jokes in elvish.  All people of Elvish descent in range need to save vs Spells or be disabled for 2d12 rounds in peals of laughter -- unable to do anything but roll on the floor laughing.  Non-elves who understand elvish will get the jokes but not find them funny.
ribcage xylophone that causes knee knocking and shivering if played, -4 save against cold, -2 morale and -3 move.
Domark' Coin: this strange rusted coin appears to have been used to pry something open. Legend holds the great thief Domark once had a lucky coin he always carried.

Game use: If held in the hand when attempting to open a lock increases your chances by +2 once per day. 

+Mike Elston 
Verkingtorax's Pomander of the skunk: a small metal ball 2" in diameter that gives off the smell of a skunk to anyone not within a 12' circle whenever the sliding cover is slid to expose the small piercings. (think an incense censor (sp?))

Used to allow the bearer to evade creatures that hunt by scent.
 +Ken H 
Google Plus Geas: Wielder of this device commands others to name a magic item within 30 seconds. No saving throw.
A Small Dollop of Green - Green is a mutable magical byproduct that has seeped down into the bowls of the earth, meandering through the depths for hundreds of years, infused with psychic essences - it yearns to be more than waste.

When a player acquires A Small Dollop of Green  they have 30 seconds to decide what small hand-held magical item it will transform itself into, for 30 seconds.
A cool collection of instant magic items.  Except for Ken's.  He's a smartass and probably why we get along so well.


  1. Cool...

    This bottle contains a tiny mud golem who will separate drinking water from mud once per day.

  2. Once was Broken
    Broken sword that can cause anything it is touched to become broken instead. Just once. A really nice but normal sword after that.

  3. One Time Pad
    A small book or notepad that, when written upon, immediately renders your script into a seemingly unbreakable cipher of its own design. This cipher alters on a per message basis, and can only be decoded by a person who's blood was used to inscribe the first and last letter. If no blood is provided, it renders each character you write into something else, essentially rendering it into irretrievable garbage.

  4. Aggressive Beans:

    Embedded in any surface in any orientation, will immediately sprout a 10' maple tree w/suitable climbing branches (and sap). Takes 30 seconds to grow fully.

  5. Talking Tattoos

    Pair of temporary tattoos. When applied to different creatures, allow the lower-level of the two to switch *conditions* with the other at will, as a free action. (i.e., if the lower-level creature is blinded and the other is paralyzed, the conditions can be made to 'trade places')

  6. Dimensional Parchment

    Piece of parchment. When command word is spoken, bearer is absorbed into the paper. For five minutes, her thoughts will appear on the page as heavy gothic script. Within the paper, she remains fully aware, with her normal range of senses. She is, however, effectively paralyzed during that time.