Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mail Call: Prepare to be Jealous

It has been a good month so far as mail deliverers go.  I've got gaming stuff coming from individuals, eBay, RPGNow, Lulu, and Mythoard.  In fact this is only a part of what I've gotten so far.  I warn you now not to look if you have a weak heart.

I've always wanted a copy of the Rule Cyclopedia.  I pretty much missed all of THACO time and all the versions that were 3rd editions.  However, the the type is fricking tiny and my aging eyes are struggling with it.  That's what I get for reading in the dark all those years.  The the 2nd edition DMG so far has been a pleasant surprise.  I've enjoyed the parts I've picked through.

I think I've got all the Basic Fantasy books that are available now.  Lulu treated me to them for a great price.  In the same order I grabbed The Graveyard at Lus by +Jason Paul McCartan.  A toolbox for use for White Star.  I've been enjoying mixing some sci-fi lately.  I'm hoping to use this soon to write up a few scenarios for a White Star jaunt.

The other book I grabbed was +Anders Hedenbjörk Lager's No Country For Weak Men.  I read this adventure.  It was weird.  I felt like it was something that I should have written.  There were so many things in it that I liked.  It's the first in a series of three adventures.  The second one is currently out Come to Daddy.

Another White Star supplement I added was +Timothy Brannan's Sister of the Aquarian Order.  I grabbed this one off of RPGNow.  Space witches.  Need I say more.  So with me getting the rule of White Star in a recent Mythoard I've started getting the supplements.  I'm want to use Tim's book for that scenario I mentioned earlier.

The Game Tavern is a themed gaming zine brought to you by the +Grand DM.  I owe him a review.  Always happy to exchange zines.  So if you have one and you want to trade let me know.

Circle of Hands is something I bought on a whim on Google+.  Someone offered it up for sale and I'd seen in months ago and I was interested.  I love! the cover.  But I need to spend more time with it.  My first couple times flipping through it was a bit weird.  I'm not sure why yet.

And lastly, I got the triple threat from +MonkeyBlood Design.  I'll have no shortage of mapping fodder now.

A few things I didn't get to snap a shot of was +Chris Stieha's second issue of his RND zine.  I have it in my pile to play with.  I want to feature it in one of my adventure development posts.   I've got another Mythoard headed my way.  And I ordered something else, but I've forgotten, so I guess it'll be a surprise.


  1. I've been one to bad mouth 2nd edition on more than one occasion, but the first time I opened the books (circa 1997) it was a breath of fresh air coupled with the strong feeling of potential possibilities. It ended up letting me down in the end, but the honeymoon period was sweet. Savor it, man.
    : )

  2. Awesome! Great collection. Hours of adventure right there.

  3. Nice! Where'd you get the Rules Cyclopedia?