Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Work in Progress...

I originally drew the house map by itself.  Then I wanted to add a basement/dungeon room.  So I drew that separately.  Then I had the idea to connect them.  I did so very clumsily.  The transition did not work the way I wanted. 

I throw the map into my finishing program and bevel the edges to give it a little depth and framing.  Then stylize the lettering and numbers.  Basically I type the word or number twice, one in white then in black, bevel the back letter to give it an outline making it easier to read. 


  1. I think the transition is fine.... And I can't wait to use the map.

  2. A nice fit for any small village dwelling or single small farm. Are you not showing partitions within the buildings or just not thinking about having any? Where is the entrance/exit for the basement?

    1. I purposely left them out. I was looking at some diagrams of old village homes and most were one room places.

      The entrance to the basement has been walled in. I just have to figure out why.

  3. The little bit at the front could be an enclosed porch or a mud-room. The real simple one room places tend to be a box plain and simple. That's a fancy basement for a one room place. Maybe a leftover from another more complex building that the current house is sitting on.