Monday, March 21, 2016

Two and a Half GMs

Over the weekend we got together for a little face to face gaming.  Normally we play a board game or if someone has an adventure they want to run.  This weekend we did something a little different.  There were four of us so I purposed we each run an adventure.  The first GM would run an adventure with a 1st level party.  Then the second guy would run an adventure for a 3rd level party.  Then a 5th and 7th level party in the following adventures.

A nice twist to the entire process was +Dwayne Gillingham, GMof the 1st level made pre-gen characters.  A fighter, cleric and thief.  We decided to play the same characters through the different adventures and we would be switching.  I played the thief, and when it was my turn, Dwayne would play him.  And so on.  It was a cool concept and added a little extra fun.

In the first adventure the fighter died.  Cleric went down, but I was able to get him on the positive side of life.  So we needed 'Slayer's' brother Gus to come in as a replacement.  Dwayne had us be pall barriers for a funeral.  We were attacked by a zombie horde.  While we were beat fairly bad we still plunged forward into the crypt found an underground complex and found a necromancer, the dead guy's kid, down there with a batch of skeletons.  We lucked out and the cleric managed to turn them and we whacked the necro.  We had to leave the fighter's body down there because the skeletons were free of the turn and we didn't know Slayer that well. 

Second adventure the cleric went down.  I ran another crypt adventure.  This time the inhabitants were alive.  I used an adventure I wrote a little while ago, The Bastard Baron.  The party went into the crypt to finish off the Bastard Baron, Naszer.  The cleric died because he was stuck in a rug the entire combat.  He got whack and went down.  However the party save a cleric from the prison and he became the new cleric of the party.

In the third adventure we got through half of it.  +Rob Conley had us reclaim a villa in the name of the king.  Villa was inhabited by a mage and a pack of wererats.  Before we began the session we bought some magic items to reflect our 5th level status.  Gus, was able to purchase a Girdle of Giant Strength and now doors became optional.

So we left off there.  +Rob Conley with half his adventure done and +Daniel McEntee who was lasts howed us his cool big mp.  We'll pick up where we left off.

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  1. It was great fun. let us hope Junty survives the 3rd adventure without a replacement