Saturday, May 11, 2013

Awesome Mail Call: EDIT

 EDIT: I erroneously contributed the homemade zine to Peter Regan, he had emailed me earlier in the week and when I got a envelope from across the ocean and automatically contributed to Peter.  When it was in fact from +Simon Forster who has been making some incredible maps of late.  I apologize to both Peter and Simon for my mistake. 

Yesterday was a shit day.  Huge piles of it everywhere.  Couldn't wait to get home and get away from work.  I get home and Ivy said their was mail for me.  I said, where's it at.  She said its over there.  I said no its not.  She said yes it is.  I said no its still not.  So she went over there and said, oh, its not here.  Maybe I left it in the car.  She went out to the car.  It wasn't there.  She searched the first over there place and it was over there.  How many of you have I lost yet?

It gets better.

So I get the mail and holy fricking crap, I got three glorious pieces of mail.  Here are the suspects.

The people who made my Friday much better are the following, from top, +Christian Walker, then +Dak Ultimak, and finally an excellent surprise from +Simon Forster.  Look at that beautiful creepy butterfly Dak sent me.  Love it.

First, let's take a look at +Christian Walker's offering.  The Shudde M'ell Confidential, number 1, is Christian's introduction into his combining Los Angles and Call of Cthulhu.  His story begins at the Pacific Palisades and a Methodist reverend Dr. Charles Holmes Scott wanting the area to embody the ideals of the Chautauqua Movement.  Then it moves along to introduce Nathaniel Eisen, a scriptwriter.  We get his background, but Mr. Walk-air is dangling the nugget for a future issue we will get to know what happen to Nathaniel, his brush with 'mind bending terror'.

Thanks a ton Christian.  Loved it and as always looking forward to future issues.  And welcome back to the fold.  I've missed your mojo.

The next guilty party for making my Friday better was +Dak Ultimak and his most recent issue of Crawl!  My first thought was, "Wow, this is really pink."  The cover art by bygrinstow is great.  Its a front and back cover which I want to do for a future issue of the Manor.  I think this one of the best issues just because I love the theme, TIPS! TRICKS! TRAPS!  The articles are all great.  There is a particular demon sword I took a shine to.  If you don't have the pink issue, go get it.  Crawl! is a fantastic zine.

And last and most surprising was this mini zine adventure from +Simon Forster.  This is all hand written.  Maps all hand made.  And look at the crosshatching on that map.  Amazing.  I would have gotten motion sickness doing all that.  And its double sided.  It's an 8 room mini adventure title The Face of Evil.  Thanks a ton Simon.  I loved.  You helped save my Friday.

I love getting gaming stuff in the mail.  Getting it on a Friday is a bonus because I can enjoy it over the weekend.  I am enjoying them all.


  1. Nice! I am so glad you enjoyed your mail call. I know SO many people who had an awful week, so I am glad I wasn't alone. ;) Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)

  2. Sounds like you had a week much like mine. And it sounds like Christian helped you recover, as he did me. :)

    Mail call is awesome. I need to do something and get it in the mail myself.

  3. The last one isn't from me. I only posted mine on Friday and it's got to travel a long way. Hopefully mine will arrive to give you a similar lift next Friday.

  4. That last one was from me. Isn't my name hidden there somewhere? :)

  5. I am a bonehead. I didn't see a name on the outside and thought it was Peter's since he recently asked for my address and it was from England. Now I look below the Demon Face section I see your name Simon. And I read it around the first time, but for some reason my tired brain still translated it to Peter's. I will make a correction post. Its too great a zine not to.

  6. A good mail call can turn round pretty much any shitty day I've found.

    I also got a couple of awesome pieces from Simon this week that I blogged about earlier.

    All you guys being so productive really makes me feel as though I should be doing something ;)