Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Missed It!

I missed the one-page dungeon contest.  :(  I really enjoy this contest and think its one of the pillar activities of the OSR.  I know its something I enjoy each year because a ton of good material is produced and some of coolest maps are produced.  Mine is not one of them.  I drew a map the other night when I found out the deadline was nigh.  

And a now you see why I have others do my art.  I like the map though.  I'm still going to write this up sometime.  But I like the simplicity of it.

To all the one-page dungeon contest entries, good luck and congrats on getting it done on time. 


  1. Personally, I think "Scary Tree" and "Big Rock" are nice additions :)

  2. Heck, your drawing is a thousand times better than anything I can do.

    Sorry you missed the deadline on the contest.

    I've been following the contest for a couple years, and had planned on entering this year, but it was not to be for me either.

  3. I like the "tower" label, but am disappointed by the cabin. I thought it said "Mom's cabin"

  4. Maybe because it's not dissimilar to my own "style", but count me among those who like your map.

    In fact, you've inspired me to scan the map I worked on but never got around to finishing.


  5. I like the map. It has an Escher-like feel to the top of the walls.

    Bummer on the one-page dungeon contest. I had a great time the year that I was a judge, but it is a lot of work for contestants and judges.

  6. I had wanted to enter, but in the end I couldn't decide between a random system with novel parts, or a dungeon done with that system. Still, with the end of the semester, and a couple of final exams to write and grade, I had to skip it. Maybe both of us (all of us who missed it) can make it next year.