Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Question: Reviews

How do you like your reviews?  Do you like a short synopsis?  Longer on content where it breaks down a product, but this would also include spoilers in most cases?  Or a simple rating system?  A rating system with one of the above?

It's Friday and I've got tons to do before I start my vacation.  Game is on Saturday and looking forward to it.  I want to see how the hotel reacts to a group of gamers and then I may have a talk with some other gamers about setting up a con or game day here in NW PA.  Erie has a game day, but it is focused on boardgames.  I'd like this one to of course focus on old school gaming, but have lots of opportunities for other games. 

Until then gamers, have a great Friday.  May your dice roll well. 


  1. I prefer a short review of what you like/don't like about the game. I don't particularly care for the part of the review that tells me how to play the game.

    I lean toward liking shorter blog posts in general these days (pictures not included).

  2. Games-longer review with some detail as to mechanics (e.g. is it attribute based, or aspect based or something else or in between?)

    adventures/utility products-shorter synopsis, no spoilers beyond the basic set-up premise (i.e. anything we are going to find out in 'the hook' is fair game) and an opinion on the material and why you formed that opinion.

  3. I am echoing Saroe as well.

  4. Got to answer true,
    "How do you like your reviews?"
    Gimme short haikus!