Monday, May 27, 2013

SALE! Today everything at GM Games RPGNow Stoe is 50% Off.

I thought I'd do a 50% off sale today.  So if you have a Manor or Knowledge Illuminates in your cart get today they'll be 50% off.  GM Games sale is only for the day or until I get around to marking the prices back up.  To those on holiday, enjoy the day.  To those who aren't at least you have a the GM Game sale to get you through a Monday.

Click the icon to save 50% on PDFs.


  1. So, if I need a third and fourth copy of something, I can pay full price and get two for the price of one! But that means if I paid for two, I'd get four copies?

    I think this thing has blown one of my brain circuits.

  2. Sweet, got Manor #1 to #3 now. :)