Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Gathering

This weekend I believe we are going to have the whole gaming crew face to face.  We were talking about renting a meeting room at a local hotel so we could gather with some space and comfort.  None of us has the space the host all of us.  Well air conditioned space. 

Dwayne is bring his mega fantastic keep/inn/dungeon beneath he built brick-by-brick from Hirst molds.  Here's a few shots, its cool as it gets.  If you want to see his construction process run on over to his blog, Gamer's Room.

We are planning on meeting on this Saturday and I think we're just throwing dice and making rules up as we go.  A system less session with with a cool ass prop.  I'm looking forward to it.  I only get to roll real dice a few times each year. 

Lunch is over.  Well, it was over about 20 minutes ago so I need to haul ass outta here. 


  1. I am green with envy ;-) Hope you all have a fantastic game - and look forward to hearing about it. That layout is amazing!

  2. Hey Tim, if you can, work is kinda nuts here, make up about 5 1st level or 75 point characters. Do not care what system. Ask Rob to do the same so there is some choice for every one. The basic jist is Border Barony (viking raiders) has a problem the King is sending in the players to solve it. Being it is out on the border no need to send anyone important just some one to quite him down.

  3. Looks like that will be alot of fun!