Saturday, June 1, 2013

GM Games May '13 Sale Report

Not much moving and shaking over here last month.  On the 28th thru the 31st I had a 50% sale at RPGNow that scored a few sales.  I'm still working on the 4th issue of the Manor.  Ran into a snag.  I had to reel the issue back a bit.  It was getting larger and larger.  While I want it to be the biggest issue yet, I need to be able to get my stapler through the pages.  I've got it retooled now and I think I should finish it in June.

On to the sales. 

Knowledge Illuminates
Print: 1
RPGNow: 12
Lulu: 1
May '13 Sales: 14
Total Sales: 326

The Manor #1
Print: 0
RPGNow: 7
Lulu: 1
May '13 Sales: 8
Total Sales: 259

The Manor #2
Print: 0
RPGNow: 5
Lulu: 1
May '13 Sales: 6
Total Sales: 178

The Manor #3
Print: 0
RPGNow: 6
Lulu: 1
May '13 Sales: 7
Total Sales: 81

Cave of Seiluja
May '13 Downloads: 20
Total Downlaods: 302

Mini Manor: Faces Without Screams
May '13 Downloads: 37
Total Downloads: 507

So last month I sold 35 units for an especially quiet month.  I was really hoping to finish issue #4, but I guess that's what June is for.  Everything I made and then some went back into buying cool gaming books.  There is so much good stuff out there I need to make more stuff so I can afford to get them. 

That's all the is going on over in these hills.  Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek behind the sheer curtain at GM Games.  If you have any question please just comment or find me on Google+.

Now I am off to the bookstore to buy an expensive coffee drink and continue my work on issue #4. 


  1. Tim,

    you might want to try creating difference between the printings or offer a limited 1st print before and unlimited printing. Might be able to pick up sales to collectors.


    1. Hmm not a bad idea. I may have to come up with something.

  2. Thanks again for sharing Tim. It's always good to see (or not) transparency.

    1. Any time. Not too much to report, but I like I like to keep track of it myself and if I don;t write it in a post I'll lost it or forget it.

  3. This was a hint that you're still waiting on my critters, wasn't it, Tim?

    1. Ha, no. Actually I've been trying to catch up with the things I need to complete. I think I have it adjusted now...I think.

    2. I plan on working on the critters in the next couple days so that I can (hopefully) get the stats to you at the first of next week.