Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sleestak Sunday Jewelry

Have a new love interest in your life?
Have an old interest that's pissed off at you?
Or do you like to rock sleestaks yourself?

Steamplanet over on Etsy has Sleestak Skull pendants that are the answer to all the questions above. 

Seriously.  Go check out Steamplanet.  They have some crazy cool stuff there.  If you are a steam punk fan than go now.  Go to Steamplanet and come back lighter in pocket, but cooler in finery.  Here's a couple more of my favorites Steampunk Sculpture Terror Tractor with Death Ray!  If you don't click on that link just to see it you are on the wrong blog.  Go away.  I could put the entire inventory on here they are all great.

Happy Sleestak Sunday.  Even you Lurker!


  1. Thank you for the kind word and the madness!

  2. Now you and Ivy can renew your vows in a sleestak approved ceremony!

  3. I might have to buy a Steampunk Sculpture Terror Tractor with Death Ray.

    Two questions though.
    1. Does it actually have a functioning Death Ray?
    2. Can I take it to work?