Friday, June 14, 2013

Sales Donation

Reposting this one today.  Two more days to grab some gaming PDFs and help out Con Tessa.  Or donate directly what ever works best for you.  

+Stacy Dellorfano is working her butt off to get +ConTessa going.  I'd like to help her out because when I see people put so much effort into something and when that something is pretty cool, I'd like to see them succeed.  She's asking for donations to get it going.  I've added the donation link to the right side so please donate.

Here's the deal on my side, I want to donate to it.  Here's how I want to do it.  Any sales on RPGNow I make until Sunday I will donate towards Stacy's cause.  I'm already donating what I've made through last weekend so I have a small amount to donate, but would love to donate more.  Buy any GM Games product on RPGNow and all the money goes to +ConTessa.

Or donate directly. 


  1. Ordered all thee Manors. I thought I already had them!

    1. Thanks Jon. Got the orders and into the kitty they go.

  2. I've donated!