Tuesday, June 11, 2013

RPG Writing Session

Let's step in the Wayback Machine...

...come on in there is plenty of room. 

We button a few buttons, lever some levers and whoosh we head back to 2003.  Ten years.  +Rob Conley and I are sitting in our local library writing.  Rob wanted to get more fiction savvy and I needed to knock off the rust off my prose.  There we were, before blogs, before iphone, tablets, and I could still go to Borders cafe and get a javanilla.  Man, I miss those. Neither of us were blogging.  I hated the word blog.  Back then it was the noise a wet fart made.  OSR?  Retro clones?  I think 3.5 just came out.  Not sure. 

We're sitting in the library.  Talking about what kind of stuff we would like to write.  RPGs always comes up.  What we could write?  How we would get it out there?  Neither of us had much of an idea.  I was writing more fiction than anything at the time.  Stories lingered half written on floppy discs.  Rob was more involved in the forums.  I wouldn't go on them.  Didn't like the noise.

Okay back into the Wayback Machine...

...back home.  Back to today.

Oh look, there is Rob and there I am.  Sitting in the same seats at the library.  This time Rob is surrounded by technology.  He's got a tablet, laptop, external harddrives and I think he has a bionic beard.  I'm sitting there with a notebook and pencil.  Ten years later we are working on a gaming project.  We've got several under our belt now.  Rob asked for a bit of assistance and I'm always glad to help. This time instead of talk about how we can do RPG projects we are talking which ones we want to do.

It took us a while, but we did some things we talked about ten years ago.  We got our gaming ideas out there.  We continue to have more ideas.  We've did what we set out to do 10 years ago.  Tonight we're sitting there and bounce ideas off one another.  "I need a name for a witch hunter."  "Do you think a cock blade is too much?"  "What spell system is being used?"  I really enjoy the process. 

Here's to the next ten.  My guess is I'll still only have a pencil and notebook. 


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    1. Ha, was wondering if anyone was going to catch that. It is features in one of the entries of the sandbox setting Rob and I are working on.

  2. Things have changed quite a bit, haven't they? I think Rob should do a post on the features of his bionic beard.