Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sleestak Sunday with New/Old Gaming Books

It's got a sleetsak in it so it makes the grade.  Kinda creepy cool.
My last day of vacation is ticking away and while I wish I was independently wealthy and could afford to continue on with life of luxury, but I'm not so I won't.  Back to work for me tomorrow. 

Yesterday I wrote about gaming profits.  Wanna see where they went?

The original Monster Book by Matt Finch that inspired the back breaking tome Monstrosities.  This is one of my top monster books.  So simple, minimal art easy to use.  I bought in PDF format when it came out a while back and I've been wanting to get a print version since. 

The same thing happened with Goods and Gear: The Ultimate Adventurer's Guide, bought in PDF, really liked it and have wanted in print. 

With some of the profits from GM Games I was finally able to grab them from Lulu.  Shipped out fast, got them in great shape.  I'm compiling another list to grab, but I've got to finish Manor #4 before I get too spendy.


  1. Bummer that your vacation has ended.

    How is "Goods & Gear?"