Friday, October 3, 2014

My Kickstarters and How They are Doing

I haven't done a Kickstarter update in a while.  I figure Tenkar does well enough to stir the shit pot so I don't have to.  It looks like I've backed 11 Kickstarters and 1 Indiegogo.  Out of the 12, 7 are fulfilled.  Come on boys and girls, let's take a look.   
Red Kickstarters are bad.  Not delivered.  
Blue Kickstarters are good.  I got them in my greedy hands.   
Green is I kinda sorta got it.  
Orange is funded and in the process of completion within the scheduled time.

I start with the lone Indiegogo campaign.

Barrowmaze II
Bam, done.  Delivered on time.  Good deal. 

This was the very first campaign I got into and the story is well known.  I see some folks are getting copies of Dwimmermount now.  I've yet to receive mine.  Each time I say that someone always seems to pop up and inform me the ACK version will be out later.  Thanks for the information, but I ordered the Labyrinth Lord version.  I've waited over 2 years for it, I guess I can wait a little longer.  This one and the next one are long overdue, but I wasn't going to get upset or hate on the guys.  Was I disappointed?  Yup.  But that didn't last.  Glad to see James is active more these days. 

Appendix N
My second Kickstarter.  I didn't start well with Kickstarters.  Here's another one that ran into several problems.  When it first came out I was excited about them, but I made my peace with it that I'll probably won't see them.  Like James, John is a good guy, meant well, but with personal stuff and miscalculations I think the project overwhelmed him.  Every once in a while he rears back up and says he's shipped some order, but again, I've never gotten anything from this one.

Crawler's Companion
Sorta done.  Jon put out the app fairly quickly and I thought it worker well, but I was in it for the print version of the adventures.  I don't remember what happened, but I was asked if I wanted a refund for part of it because they weren't going to get the print version out.  So I took it and put it towards another kickstarter or monster manual.  The wife couldn't get mad at me for respending gaming money...could she?  But then not long after, the omnibus was released.  Either way, the companion is well worth it and with the coming con I will get some use out of it.

Tabletop Forge
This one confused me.  It combined with roll20 and I got a lot of figures I think.  Really, I'm not sure.
Swords & Wizardry 1st Edition Rules
I went in big on this one.  I was very pleased with the result.  It was delivered on time or very close.

Tavern Cards
Got'em.  I bought 6 decks and gave away a few.  This one went over.  Hannah, while she did all the math, she and her artist got tripped up on how long it would take to complete the art.  Which was a lot.  I love my cards and I used them last night.

Dungeon Deck
This one hurts.  I really wanted these.  Met Jim and Deb at a con.  Bought a set of their cards and really liked them.  And as far as I know they have the cards!  But there was a mailing mix up where all the cards were sent out, but because the label was reversed all those cards were returned to Jim and Deb.  There have been peeps every now and then, but it has pretty much gone dark.  I wish they would come back, shit I would pay a extra for postage so I could get the cards.

Scarlet Heroes
Bam done.  Kevin is the man.  Really knows how to run a Kickstarter.  I'll pretty much back anything he does. 

The Lost Lands: Lost City of Barakus
Another one done on time and quick delivery.  This is the second Frog God Games Kickstarter I backed.  Being a Swords & Wizardry guy, I'm very pleased with everything so far.  I even scored some extras.

City-State of the Invincible Overlord
 This one is scheduled to be delivered next month.  I'm not sure what the status is.  I haven't heard anything for a while.  I know Rob has been busting his ass getting all the tactical maps done.  But not sure about everything else.  I have a bad mojo feeling this one is going to be late.  I hope I'm wrong.

Slumbering Ursine Dunes
 This one is still collecting money.  I think it was a few more weeks to go.  It's funded and chewing through some stretch goals.  I wish Chris a ton of success.  This one is due out in December.

My Kickstarter backing has declined.  That's for a few reasons, most of my gaming income has been to buy as many of the zines that has been created.  It's hard keeping up on all of them, but I try.  Also I've been backing more folks on Patreon.  There are so many ways to spend you money on gaming, but you have to put a cap on it or somewhere down the line you get a frying pan to your head.  I like to support folks when they get excited about something,  but I also like to know the person at least a little beforehand.  When Chris Kutalik did his Slumbering Ursine Dunes, it was a no brainer. 


  1. If you ordered the LL version of dwimmermount and still haven't received a shipping notice, sent Autarch a message. After they said all the LL books should be out, I sent them an email and rec'd a shipping notice later that day.

  2. Yeah, unless you ordered both the ACKS and LL version, they should have sent it out back on August 31st

  3. Frying pans are dangerous when taunted, it's wise to keep them pleased.

  4. I keep saying that I'm going to stop backing, and then something else awesome rears its head. Other than Dwimmermount, I've been pretty lucky with my KS attempts.
    I'm still looking for a good, safe way to keep and store my Zines. I haven't found anything yet, no matter where I look. Maybe when the Container Store opens near me at the end of the month, there'll be something there.