Sunday, October 26, 2014

Short Bitch & Moan Post

While this post is whiny it is also short.

Unlike last year, when I got sick during the con, I decided to wait until right after the con to get sick this year.  With the con and being sick these past couple of weeks has really set me behind on all the cool things people have sent me and projects I'm working on. 

I haven't completed a single Patreon micro-adventure. 

I haven't done a review in a while.  I've received so many cool things I want to share.

The 8th issue of The Manor, while started, is getting dusty.

I'm participating in Tenkar's Landing, a group project.  I grabbed hex 19.11 and finally got around to sketch a rough idea of the map, but have done little else.

I am taking part in something unofficially called #project78.  It's a secret.  So I'll hush now.  But I need to finish what I am doing with it.

I'm trying to develop a webpage for GM Games, something more serviceable as a store, information, update place, but zero progress has been completed.

And I contact Jason to do a few pieces for OSR Today.  Guess how many I have done?  


Looking forward to knocking a few of these items off my list this week.

PS If you consider that I power gamed through the latest Borderlands game and completed as productive then I'll take that.


  1. Hang in there Tim and remember it's all just for fun. No deadlines, no pressure. Not feeling up to writing or map drawing today? No big deal -- blow it off. Do it when you feel like it, or it won't be fun.

    And I hope you're feeling better -- being sick is the worst.

  2. Man, do I sympathize with the having things to do and not getting them done! I hope you get to feeling better.

  3. Getting sick after the con is my personal tradition too and it bites! I look forward to what you have to share when you're feeling better and secret projects always sound good to me. Feel better soon!